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Jun 17, 2017

Originally Recorded - November 20th 2016

REY'S PARENTAGE REVEALED!… Okay, probably not. Here at the Block we don't DO pre-release spoilers. We don't KNOW them and we don't WANT to know them. As Ike Clanton always said, "Spoilers just don't go 'round here!" so check 'em at the door. 

But theories do go 'round here, and in this episode Jerry gives his "shower thoughts" on a possible theory for Rey's parentage that you've most likely not heard anywhere else, but also mostly likely won't end up being what happens in the movies either but we give it anyway cause that's just how we roll here at the Block.  

Also, more handwringing and whining from Jerry about what damage could be done to his precious Han Solo in the upcoming standalone films about the smuggler-turned-war hero-turned rathtar hauler, as he spews a litany of things "I don't want", the 70's Solo novels are visited, Han's tax free shooting of Greedo: murder or preemptive self-defense?, Dr Strange and how he and the rest of the Marvel Heroverse might tie-in and the potential for genre blurring and 4th wall busting there, Jerry confronts Steve about scolding him at the movies during Captain America: Civil War (a tense moment to be sure), is Black Widow super-soldier enhanced? (We've since learned that she apparently is), selective suspension of disbelief, Comedy and the gods of Egypt, Warcraft (the movie), The Mummy('s), remember Krull? Steve sure does - and you better watch your mouth about it, what about Battle Beyond The Stars? (A John Boy Walton Space Adventure), Ragnar Lothbrok and the Blood Eagle rite, Jerry's carelessness causing nightmares for his littles, actors using the Costanza principle, ANH HISHE, Jerry's possible theory on Rey's parentage (thru a steady stream of interruptions from Steve, who reveals that he somehow slept thru the whole Luke's lightsaber subplot of TFA!?), George Lucas' "explanation" for why Obi-Wan and Yoda de-atomized upon expiration, 200 mg a day of midichlorians, and did you know that Luke might possibly have a son named Scabby Laddblaster? Yep. He might.  

Helpful tip for enjoying the podcast: If you've been listening to this podcast and haven't been enjoying it, first off, you're probably not reading this anyway, but if you still are for some reason, try listening to it at half-speed, they sound half asleep and you might like that better. Once again, we renew our promise of better audio coming soon. 

Stevisms include: Well, the Scabby Laddblaster thing. (He sends his apologies for all the chasm-yawning, by the way) "I was TIRED!"