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Jun 23, 2017

Originally Recorded - November 20th 2016

This episode picks up right where we left off last time, talking about. a great. many. thiiings. Among those being a possible "alternate" ending to The Force Awakens (don't get too excited), Was Luke in The Force Awakens or was that Mark Hamill's contract?, a Cloud City Administrator in Han's clothing, tears after The Empire Struck Back?, Star Trek: First...Fourth Wall Busting Nemesis?, practical CGI, Grey Sloan Memorial: Nexus of the Universe?, Terminator(s), Superman(s) and friends “Oh!...He caught ‘er!”, a change of pacing & kids today with their fiendishly quick eyes, Sherlock's geo-helio-(ec)centric universe, Jerry's gripe-mourning Firefly’s untimely death, Rogue One predictions (Yes, this is an older recording, sire, but it checks out - things will be up to date soon), and a very insightful Mark Hamill “quote”.

Note/Apology: The TFA scene the numbskulls referenced but failed to properly identify is the one where 2 stormtroopers scramble to avoid Kylo Ren’s temper tantrum - post Rey’s escape. Great job, guys. 

Stevisms include: Realizing the gender of Lando Calrissian.