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Jul 7, 2017

Originally Recorded - December 7th 2016

JERRY'S VERSION OF EPISODE ONE, or at least a rough outline.

Aight, last week was Good Cop episode regarding TPM but this week frustrations and letdowns abound. It doesn't happen too often but Jerry does occasionally unleash some harsh crits on some Star Wars. Sure, he can find enjoyment in the prequels but that doesn't mean he isn't still carrying a LOT of PAIN!

"This alarming chain of events"?, problems with the movie's pacing, ESB'S redacted wampas, cutting on Director’s cuts, Lucas’ Jerry-vexing reinterpretation of his original prequel outline & his pedantic fine-tooth combing over Obi-Wan’s not-so-reckless checklist of events, Steve not being at all down with the fact that the Clone Wars involved…clones?, Jerry's "rough outline" reconstruction of what was "supposed to be" in Episode One as per Obi-Wan's retelling, and that time George Lucas lied to him.

Corrections: Jerry refers to Shmi Skywalker as Padme'.

The boys end this episode saying that next time would deal with Episode II but apparently that fell by the wayside because... it isn't. No word yet on WHY they lied but they send their apologies, whatever that helps.