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Jul 14, 2017

Originally Recorded - January 31st 2017

A quick note: It's about to get reeeally current up in here! No more of these ancient recordings separated by so many moons. Even this episode has made it into 2017! One more episode after this one and we'll be hitting on Guardians of the Galaxy.
See, our small outpost of a podcast arose amidst much turmoil and tribulation and was just a bit tough to get going but we're rollin' now. By the time of this recording we were better equipped so sound quality takes a big jump forward, though we still press on toward further audial purity.
In this episode the Miller Bros discuss (duh) Rogue One, possible political statements, Steve not being quite sure of the fine-tuning of its grittiness (Man. Is that dude EVER satisfied???), Bor Gullet, your favorite psychometric space octopus, Saw P. Gerrera, Time Travel in Star Wars & Elsewhere, 1977 technological restraints' effect on storytelling (tapes?), villain stuff, other stuff, etc. Of course, this is all once they get past all the Kong v/s Kong, old school filmmaking, Clash of the Clash of the Titans' visual effects, dinosaur warnings, and Action Jack stuff.
Disclaimer: We mean no offense to anyone named "Jack" we just wish the action genre could think of some other names.
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