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Jun 14, 2017

Originally Recorded - October 18, 2016

In this episode: There's an awful lot of reboots in here. Who are they really for and are they just the Motion Picture Industry's version of "clickbait"? 

Also, Jerry's fears (yeah, that's right, FEARS) concerning the upcoming Han Solo movie, (he has "seen a lotta strange stuff"), Thrawn Trilogy love, "Greedo gave me candy when I was 4", Shadows of the Empire, ysalamiric Force bubbles & plot devices, movies & cartoons embedded into our childhoods, impossibility of predicting tech, reGhostbusters, That 80's Show?, the smartest thing George Lucas ever said, entertainment industry & Phil Connors' manufactured kiss, the bros reminisce about the "secret" Star Wars figure mailer ("Ah, just send 'em another Bossk", the 1st (and likely only) installment of "Dengar Chat", and iCloud City props. 

Stevisms include: Grand (pheromone packin') Admiral Xizor? and Count Dookula