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Jul 21, 2017

Originally Recorded - January 31st 2017

This week: The Miller bros probe many life-altering questions such as, Will gems like the telepathy-inducing drug, glitterstim spice make their way into the Han Solo solo movie? The brothers could not possibly hope for this less. Rogue One's ending & Leia's CG appearance, what about the SECOND Death Star's main reactor design flaw?, 1st impressions v/s 2nd impressions of R-1, the Death Star plans & intentionally "antiquated" data storage?, K2SO, Deathtroopers, did Cassian "Lenny" that dude?, Admiral Raddus's Corellian Corvette maneuver, Rogue One's "missing" shots, Jedha's cantina customer cameos, Splinter of the Mind's Eye & the Kaiburr Crystal, the Kyber memory crystal, and the just plain ol' kyber crystals, who is chyrons?, The Ring of Kafrene, Bodhi Rook's death-defying plug-in, the coolness of Chirrut Imwe, and the truth comes out; Steve is a power-hungry villain. 

(Also, tell us if you think you witnessed too much laughing today.)

Stevisms include: personification of chyrons


NEXT EPISODE: The Miller bros catch up to the present (or thereabouts), discussing Guardians Of The Galaxy 2.

Also, introducing our brand new shocking challenge segment, Stump The Steve.

Listen with rapt attention as Steve attempts to answer enough of Jerry's 5 questions to avoid electrocution!...Okay, not electrocution, but he does get shocked if he can't answer 3 out of 5 questions (and we don't mean really surprised).

But if young Stevie IS up to the challenge then the tables turn and the shock goes to Jerry...who thought up the questions. And really doesn't like getting shocked.

Who will get the volts? 

Who will feel the power?

Find out next week in Episode 009!